If you are not going to participate in the game and you simply come as a companion, your entrance to the Theme Park will be free and you will be able to enjoy our extensive facilities.
No matter how long the wait is, we have everything you need for you to enjoy your visit and be very pleasant.
We have large covered terraces with great views where you can eat or drink. In our BAR CANTINA GRILL we have a wide menu to choose what you want.

See their menus in this link:

From our high tower or through the windows you can see the games of the battlefield and you can cheer on friends or family.
We also have a lawn area with a water cannon where you can relax or cool off while playing.
If you have been lucky enough to book the VIP ROOM, you will be able to enjoy all its comforts, its air conditioning and various audiovisual entertainment options.
Whatever your plan, we have one for you.