In hangar 37 we have revolutionized the concept of shooting park, unlike paintball you no longer need to gather a group of friends to come and enjoy. A new game starts every 10 minutes where you can join other players that are already in the park at that time and play all the games you want (included in the ticket price). If you need a break, it doesn’t matter. You can skip 1 or more games and rest in our rest areas or enjoy our Cantina Grill bar. The concept is very similar to videogames like Call of Duty. You start the game with 350 balls and we offer you all the equipment necessary to play (except shoes). If you run out of ammo you can recharge and enjoy more time. The good atmosphere of the park will make you feel among friends and then you can start planning strategies with your team mates.

Is not necessary to book but sometimes it is recommended to advise in advance (especially on busy days) since in case of reaching the maximum capacity or the park, preference is given to those who have booked.

Price Tuesday – Friday: 25 €
Price Saturday and Sunday: 30 €


For 5€ more you can rent our military uniform of jacket and pants to look like a real soldier.

You can request it directly at reception.


Now you can see your balls fly when night falls with our new NIGHT WARRIORS replicas. A built-in tracer system illuminates them so you can be the best night warrior.

Price: 10€ additional.
Price for recharging 120 balls: 5€