Due the setting is huge; it is always more fun to join other players. We offer another option; if you are a big group of 20 or more and you wish to play in the park in exclusivity, you can do it.

The timetable to close the park exclusively for groups is Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 to 14:00. The price is the same as on weekends and holidays.

If your group is less than 20 players but still want to reserve the park in exclusivity, the price would be 500€ in total.

It is necessary to make the reservation online in advance. It is needed to tell us well in advance if you wish to make use of the Cantina Grill bar facilities that morning and you also need to pay the 50% of the menu or barbecue in advance.

The operation of the park is simple and innovative. Every 10 minutes there is a new game or mission to join and you can play all the games you want (included in ticket price). If you need a break, it doesn’t matter. You can skip 1 or more games and rest in our rest areas or enjoy our Cantina Grill bar. All the equipment required will be given (a red or green vest, face mask, M4 rifle replica and an initial load of 350 balls). If you run out of ammo you can recharge and enjoy more time.