In Hanger 37 we have implemented an innovative system of participation, in which there is no need to reserve or go with a minimum group of players. Upon arrival you can join the players who are already enjoying the game in one of the two existing teams. Every 10 minutes starts a new game or mission where you can join. The best thing: you can play all games you want! There is no limit of games once you pay the access bracelet.

You can arrive at any time within the opening hours and you will join once the next game starts. We recommend not to arrive late or close to the closing time (20:00) for you to enjoy the greatest number of games possible.
There are always players to join at and depending on the number of participants in each team the monitors will propose different missions or games on the battlefield (maximum 100 players at the same time). There are always two teams to join: Desert team (or RED) and wooded team (or GREEN).

There is no reservation required and there are usually places. But despite that, it is recommended to call and confirm the visit on weekends or holiday because in case we reach the maximum capacity of the park, those who had called in advance to confirm have preference.

Is a type of game similar to paintball in which weapons shoot small plastic balls. It is very successful among thosewho test it because the experience is very similar to videogames such as Call of Duty or Battlefield but in real life. Both the uniforms and the weapons and the game set are so real that becomes a real experience. This is why this sector grows every day. Those who try it get hooked. Despite developing in an environment and military script, we promote actions that have the opposite effect. Values like team play, fellowship and honor (the one who receives an impact has to admit it since there are no proofs of painting) are promoted.

The main difference is that the plastic balls have a very light weight (0.2g). They are more precise and straight and don´t fall with parabola thanks to the hop up technology. Balls have no paint inside and those that receive the impact don´t have an evident proof on clothes so they need to admit their elimination. We have several referees that control players for not to cheat and be immortal like. Game set is much cleaner than a paintball one and you will be amazed by its quality and luxury details, much better to any paintball you have ever seen. We initially give you much more ammunition than a paintball and the recharging cost is much less. You can play all games you want and stay as long as you want.

The only danger is to receive an impact in the eyes but if you take the right precautions this risk disappears. In Hangar 37 we equip you with a double glass mask which not only protects the eyes but the whole face (especially lips and teeth). The pain of an airsoft impact is much lesser than a paintball one. It doesn´t produce bruises like in paintball so the pain is more like itchy than a real pain. You shouldn´t need to worry about pain when visiting us.

For those under 16 we rent smaller and with less power replicas so the impacts are even softer. It is a good option for them if the activity is focused in eliminating enemies but not in killing them. Our monitors do the game dynamic and look for enhance good values such as team play, honesty, cunning, competitiveness, overcoming, courage, fellowship and sincerity. It is also a good option to do exercise and new relations instead of spending lot of hours in front of their consoles. The smallest can play in the shooting gallery to practice their aim with the electronic targets.

There is no age-limit. Children must have common sense to never remove the mask, this is the only restriction. Anyway, they are always under the supervision of our qualified monitors. For the little ones (under 12) we have a shooting gallery where to practice with electronic targets. Our monitors make different games all the time for the children to never stop having fun. They promote the concept of game and not war.

In Hangar 37 we change this concept completely. You don´t need to gather friends to play is more like videogames where you can play with many other players that you may not even know. Normally, there are people to join. Once there are enough people, quick games of 10 minutes are organized. You can play one game after the other all the times you want. This allows you to go alone or with a couple of friends and join the game on the same or different teams.

Due to the park dynamic explained in the previous question, is not necessary to book since you can go alone or with friends and join the games that are being organized. Before each game, our monitors distribute the equipment that differ due to the uniforms and bracelets. It is only necessary to book from Tuesdays to Fridays if you want to play in the morning as the park would be open exclusively for this group. For these cases the minimum number of players is 20. On weekends and some important holiday in which a lot of influx is expected, it is advisable to call in order not to run the risk of running out of place since the field admits 100 players simultaneously at most. For children, it is especially advisable to call to notify as the places are limited on Fridays and Saturdays on the afternoon.

Due to the decoration kind of three-dimensional game, with buildings, trenches, tunnels, basements and thousand of hiding places, the field allows to play more than 90 players at a time. The minimum number of players to have fun is 3 or 4 since all against all games can be created (like in Call of Duty). In this kind of game all the players are enemies what increases the sense of alert no matter how big the field of play is. Anyhow, there are normally people to join in the park, if not, you can wait a little bit until more players arrive in our Cantina Grill.

In Hangar 37 the full equipment is included in the price: a red or green vest, mask and G&G replica (with an initial load of 350 balls). You only have to bring comfortable shoes and sportswear, that is not rented.

If you wear uniforms, must be military or videogame-style. It is not allowed street clothes, tracksuits or jeans otherwise you would break the essence of the park. If you bring your own replica has to be within the power limits of the park (on arrival we check all the replicas and if it exceeds the maximum FPS allowed you can´t use it). The face and eye protection must be approved and cover all sensitive parts. The price is reduced if the customer brings ALL his own equipment. If you need to rent ANYTHING, you need to pay the normal price.

No, you can only use the chargers we give you of 120 or 350 balls. We use precision and biodegradable balls, ensuring the durability of our material and being friendly with the environment.

If there is not much player congestion there is no game limit and if you run out of ammo you can get additional chargers for only 2€ each (120 balls) or 5€ each (350 balls like the initial one).

We have a magnificent Cantina Grill bar that offers you any type of food at good prices and full menus from 5€. For food safety reasons you can´t consume food or drinks from outside in our facilities, besides is not worth with the quality and price of our Cantina Grill bar.

Companions can enter in the park for free. They can enjoy our large terraces or Cantina Grill bar overlooking the playing field through a huge glass window.

This is up to the player. The player can play more relaxed if he´s not fit or has a problem. We accept any age, height, weight (we have all sizes) and physical handicap (some have played in a wheelchair). Everyone can enjoy fully. Eyeglasses can be worn under our masks.

Customers normally pay directly at the reception upon arrival at the park. We accept cash or credit card. To make a private reservation or to pay in advance, you can also make a transfer to our account number.