Hangar 37 is a Theme Park specially designed for all kinds of company events, we are specialists in coaching and teambuilding. Big brands have already held big corporate events with us. If you want your company event to be a success and to be remembered for a long time, this is your place.
The characteristics of the park and the type of game are ideal for making teams and proposing missions and challenges. It is a perfect way to collaborate as a team to be successful in games and improve personal relationships between co-workers.
We provide you with all the necessary equipment (red or green bib, face protection mask, M4 rifle replica and an initial charger of 350 balls). Our monitors will propose different types of games and missions adapted to the company, each lasting 10 minutes, which can even be designed by the manager or person in charge of human resources if they had the field reserved exclusively. They can play all the missions they want during the day.
We even have a VIP room for projections to make presentations before or after the game, you can combine leisure and work.
They can also make use of our spacious changing rooms and showers at the end of the adventure with us.
Our giant hangar quickly becomes an open space that is also rented for parties, presentations, exhibitions or fairs.
It is a game mode similar to paintball but with smaller and lighter balls, without the pain of paintballs. You don’t need a minimum group of players. The friendly battles take place in an incredible outdoor setting of more than 10,000m2 in which several groups of clients come together in two teams.

This activity allows you to play all the games you want during your visit, every 10 minutes a new game starts to join in friendly battles. You are given all the necessary equipment and a 350-ball starter charger.
If you run out of ammo, you can purchase additional ammo very inexpensively.
To see more details, rates and schedules, enter this link, where you can also buy tickets.


If you want to play exclusively without other clients, we also give you this option, you can see the information in this drop-down:

Because the scenery is huge, it is always more fun to join in the game with other players, but if your group is large, at least 20 players and you want to have the park exclusively, we offer you this option.
The hours to close the park exclusively are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 to 14:00 since we would open the park only for your group. The price is the same as on weekends and holidays.
If your group is less than 20 players but still want to reserve the park exclusively, the price would be € 500 in total.
It is necessary to make the reservation well in advance and pay at least 50% in advance. If you are going to hire the services of the Cantina Grill that morning, you must also notify them in advance and pay 50% of the menu or barbecue in advance.
The minimum age to carry out this activity is 6 years old, although it is tremendously fun for any age. Requires a minimum of 6 players. It is a game mode in which balls are not shot, but infrared rays are shot at interactive vests. Friendly battles take place in a huge 200m2 galactic decorated room with special laser and sound effects. The duration is one hour in which a monitor will dynamize various game modes, showing the results on a giant screen in real time.
To see more details, rates and schedules, enter this link, where you can also buy tickets.


The minimum age to participate in this activity is 14 years old. It is a more frenetic version of airsoft in which the game is faster between obstacles and the ground is special for moving quickly. The games are short-lived since almost all of them are eliminated in a few minutes. New games are constantly played with, normally, 3, 5 or 7 players per team, which rotate.
It is required to have own speedsoft material to be able to play. In the following link we explain all the details, in addition to being able to reserve your places directly.


We offer all the options to eat or drink in a company event since we have huge outdoor and covered terraces, with views of the sea and the battlefield. In our Bar Cantina Grill we have various menus and all kinds of snacks and drinks, it is very interesting to see the barbecue option. We adapt to the needs of the event in question or the company.
To see the menus and prices, enter this link where you will also see the contact numbers to reserve or answer any questions.

To hire barbecues or for more information, you can contact these phone numbers: 637724680 and 687466019

We have large areas for grilling:

If you also want your corporate event to be more special and exclusive, we offer you our VIP ROOM.

-TABLES AND CHAIRS for about 37 people, which can be arranged in various positions
-WIFI fiber optic
-GIANT SCREEN of SMART TV with internet connection
– SURROUNDING SOUND throughout the room
-PLAY STATION 4 with various video games from Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc. and a fun game with two KARAOKE microphones
-VARIOUS PUFS to accommodate you in a relaxed atmosphere.
-THEMED. Decoration and lighting of LEDs with effects. Very careful theme and design.
You can find more information at this link:


We have a huge 800m2 hangar perfect to host any type of event, party or celebration. It has decorative RGB lighting, high speed internet, surround sound and a powerful electrical installation ready to install any type of audiovisual system.
This huge hangar has a large covered terrace in front with views of the sea and the battlefield, this feature is perfect to have two different spaces in any event and also serves as a catering area or barbecue.
If you are interested in reserving this space, we will be happy to give you a guided tour to study the options for use.