After several years looking for the best technology that could be adapted to our Theme Park, we have incorporated this new activity in our leisure offer and they will love it! It can also be played from 6 years old, but it is tremendously fun for any age, sometimes parents have a better time than their children.

It is an innovative laser-tag system of the latest generation that allows you to live an authentic galactic battle in an indoor setting full of special effects and sounds.

We equip you with a vest full of sensors and a laser weapon with which to shoot at your enemy. The colors of the vest lights differentiate the teams and the state of each player (alive, leader, injured, eliminated, carrying flag, zombie … etc.) depending on the game. The weapon is equipped with a screen and sounds to see your status. A red laser pointer will help you aim at your enemy’s sensors.

A huge decoration full of rooms, passageways and fluorescent obstacles will make you live this thrilling experience. The fog, special effects and battle sounds will change depending on the type of game. There are more than 10 different games … All against all, team duel, capture the base, the infected, zombie apocalypse … etc ..

At the end of each game you can see the final results on a big screen, it will be shown who has been the winning team and the players with the highest score to promote the healthy “pique”.


  •   Duration: 1 hour (Several different games are made during that hour)
  • Price: 20€ per player.
  • Minimum age: 6 years (But it is suitable and very fun for any age)
  • Necessary equipment: None, we give you everything, recommended comfortable sports shoes.
  • Minimum group: 6 players.
  • Maximum group per game: 18 players at a time
  • Prior reservation: Required (Recommended through the web at this link)

If you want the LASERCOMBAT room exclusively, you have to reserve 13 seats or more. Otherwise, other players may join the games up to a maximum of 18 participants.