If you come alone, as a couple or your group is very small, don’t worry because you can join the game at any time of the day. We’ll team you up with other clients and there are always more players to join.
The operation of Hangar37 is designed so that you do not need to come in a group to be able to come any day and participate. Every 10 minutes a new game starts and you can play all the games you want during the day. You will join the next one that starts when you get to the Theme Park.
This game system, similar to the online video games of “Battle Royale”, has the great advantage that there will always be games every 10 minutes throughout the day, and you choose which ones you want to participate in and which ones you don’t. This allows you to rest to eat in our Cantina Grill whenever you want and then continue.
We give you all the necessary equipment to participate (you only have to bring comfortable clothes and sports shoes) and an initial charger of 350 balls. If you are going to play many games during the day and need additional ammunition, you can reload for € 2 (120 balls) and for € 5 (350 balls)
The good atmosphere of the park and the friendliness of the monitors will make you feel as if everyone were friends or acquaintances after a couple of games. Children especially make new friends very quickly.