Bored of conventional bachelor parties? Do you want to surprise the bride and groom with something truly original? At HANGAR37 we are specialized in bachelor parties. Make this farewell an unforgettable day with friends that will be commented with laughter on the wedding day, in a unique and different theme park.

If you wish, and at no additional cost, we can dress up the bride in a fun way or ridiculous (superhero, bumblebee, prisoner, etc.) and even give him a pink rifle so that he is easily identified. The HANGAR37 monitors will dynamize special missions in which the bridegroom is the protagonist or “victim” according to the cruelty of the companions.

The minimum age to play airsoft is 12 years old. It is a game mode similar to paintball but with smaller and lighter balls, without the pain of paintballs. You don’t need a minimum group of players. The friendly battles take place in an incredible outdoor setting of more than 10,000m2 in which various groups of clients come together in two teams.
This activity allows you to play all the games you want during your visit, every 10 minutes a new game starts to join in friendly battles. You are given all the necessary equipment and a 350-ball starter charger.
If you run out of ammo, you can purchase additional ammo very cheaply. The birthday boy has a free recharge.
To see more details, rates and schedules, enter this link, where you can also buy tickets.


The minimum age to do this activity is 6 years old, although it is tremendously fun for any age. Requires a minimum of 6 players. It is a game mode in which balls are not shot, but infrared rays are shot at interactive vests. The friendly battles take place in a huge 200m2 galactic decorated room with special laser and sound effects. The duration is one hour in which a monitor will dynamize various game modes, showing the results on a giant screen in real time.
To see more details, rates and schedules, enter this link, where you can also buy tickets.


At HANGAR37 we are always innovating and improving our services for you. Our Bar Cafeteria was not going to be less, and it will become a restaurant shortly.

They have the option of eating any of our menus and even requesting a barbecue or barbecue to complete an unforgettable farewell at our Cantina Grill.

The farewell can reach its best level by reserving our VIP room, where you will have a very intimate space exclusively where you can have a great time with your friends.
The grill canteen bar can serve drinks, meals or whatever you need.
In this room you can organize an erotic or comic show by outsourcing strippers, drag queens, or whatever comes to your mind. You also have the option of the Tuppersex. These services are not offered by us directly, although we can facilitate contacts with good professionals who have done great on other occasions. Guaranteed success.
-TABLES AND CHAIRS for about 37 people, which can be arranged in various positions
-WIFI fiber optic
-GIANT SCREEN of SMART TV with internet connection
– SURROUNDING SOUND throughout the room
-PLAY STATION 4 with various video games Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc. and a fun game with two KARAOKE microphones
-VARIOUS PUFS to accommodate you in a relaxed atmosphere.
-THEMED. Decoration and lighting of LEDs with effects. Very careful theme and design.
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