At Hangar37 we are specialized in birthday celebrations, and we have a wide variety of activities to satisfy the client depending on their tastes or their ages.

You can make your birthday celebration as complete as you want. You have the option of simply doing the activity, you can also combine it with meals in our Bar Cantina Grill or even rent our exclusive VIP room for celebrations. Each thing is reserved independently.
In the following dropdowns you can see the available activities, you can choose one, or even, if you have energy, a combination of them.
The minimum age to play airsoft is 12 years old. It is a game mode similar to paintball but with smaller and lighter balls, without the pain of paintballs. You don’t need a minimum group of players. The friendly battles take place in an incredible outdoor setting of more than 10,000m2 in which various groups of clients come together in two teams.
This activity allows you to play all the games you want during your visit, every 10 minutes a new game starts to join in friendly battles. You are given all the necessary equipment and a 350-ball starter charger.
If you run out of ammo, you can purchase additional ammo very cheaply. The birthday boy has a free recharge.
To see more details, rates and schedules, enter this link, where you can also buy tickets.


The minimum age to do this activity is 6 years old, although it is tremendously fun for any age. Requires a minimum of 8 players. It is a game mode in which balls are not shot, but infrared rays are shot at interactive vests. The friendly battles take place in a huge 200m2 galactic decorated room with special laser and sound effects. The duration is one hour in which a monitor will dynamize various game modes, showing the results on a giant screen in real time.
To see more details, rates and schedules, enter this link, where you can also buy tickets.



The minimum age to participate in this activity is 14 years old. It is a more frenetic version of airsoft in which the game is faster between obstacles and the ground is special for moving quickly. The games are short-lived since almost all of them are eliminated in a few minutes. New games are constantly played with, normally, 3, 5 or 7 players per team, which rotate.

It is required to have your own speedsoft material to play. In the following link we explain all the details, in addition to being able to reserve your places directly.


The minimum age to carry out this activity is 4 years old, although it is tremendously fun for any age. It involves shooting electronic targets that change color and there are several game modes. A clock marks the time it takes to complete the targets and it is very addictive to outdo yourself or compete with your friends to see who has more aim or who is faster.
To see more details, rates and schedules, enter this link, where you can also buy tickets.



At HANGAR37 we are always innovating and improving our services for you. Our Bar Cafeteria was not going to be less, and it will become a restaurant shortly.

We are expanding the facilities and we will be temporarily without offering the service of snacks and menus.

Exceptionally during this reform period we will allow clients to bring their food and drink to consume on our terraces.

Sorry for the inconvenience… but IT WILL BE WORTH IT !!

If you also want to enjoy a birthday menu, we also give you that option. We have huge outdoor and covered terraces, with views of the sea and the battlefield. In our Bar Cantina Grill we have various menus and all kinds of snacks and drinks, even a barbecue option. If they bring birthday cake, we can keep it for you (if the dimensions allow it) and serve it along with the menus.
To see the menus and prices, enter this link where you will also see the contact numbers to reserve or answer any questions.
To hire barbecues or further information, you can contact this phone number: 663 160 238

If you also want your birthday party to be more special and exclusive, we offer you our VIP ROOM. A celebration room equipped with all the necessary details to make that birthday unforgettable.

-TABLES AND CHAIRS for about 37 people, which can be arranged in various positions
-GIANT SCREEN of SMART TV with internet connection
– SURROUNDING SOUND throughout the room
-PLAY STATION 4 with various video games Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc. and a fun game with two KARAOKE microphones
-VARIOUS PUFS to accommodate you in a relaxed atmosphere.
-THEMED. Decoration and lighting of LEDs with effects. Very careful theme and design.
You can find more information at this link: