About us

Hangar 37 is an innovative company that arises from the idea of making real the most successful industry of leisure and that more projection has: VIDEOGAMES. Specifically those where more adepts have: first person shooter games like CALL OF DUTY or BATTLEFIELD.

A theme park has been built taking care of every single detail for the client to immerse in an incredible adventure fighting in a friendly and painless manner with other people as in videogames… BUT IN REAL LIFE!

The game set is unique. Specifically developed for the games to have an unbeatable dynamic. More than 10.000 m2 village with several heights, buildings, basements, tunnels, trenches, military vehicles, airplanes, a boat, a real tank and much more that make the experience unrepeatable.

It is an initiative carried out by 100% Canarian entrepreneurs who consider that the only way to achieve success is by offering the best. Is not enough to offer an activity that is why we offer a real life experience that players will never forget.

We don´t like real war or weapons. We are totally against them and this is what we want to show. But we like the word GAME and this is what we offer. A game that, in order to impress and generate unique sensations has been inspired in a warlike set like many videogames and successful movies.

We encourage values such as fellowship, team play, honesty and friendship. We reject any dishonest or violent behavior. If you are looking for conflict, aggressiveness or cheating this is not your place.

Our activity is highly recommended to release stress, socialize and get in shape.

CHILDREN: Is not healthy for a child to spend many hours in front of his console without doing exercise or relating to other children, as well as the violent content of some videogames is not recommended for their developing minds. We offer them an option to play something similar but with other children, doing exercise and new friends. We take care of the game dynamics to encourage good values and discard any violent component.

ADULTS: It is impossible to think about problems while playing in our theme park. As you play, you disconnect completely from everything and just focus on playing and enjoying. Best point: you do exercise; release stress and endorphins that make you feel great and repeat with us, it´s proved!

Don´t limit yourself, whatever your sex or age is, is suitable for everyone. Each player chooses its rhythm. You can play even if you have physical disability. Our monitors will be glad to help you.

We can be proud of the professionalism and human quality of our staff. Several monitors make sure of the security and fun of the costumers and make different kind of games for them to be more vibrant. Our main target is to make your experience unforgettable.

This is our main target. It can be felt since the first time you enter in our park. Starting with the facilities and ending with renting of the material. Original uniforms, top range replicas … We have chosen the best for the players to never forget the experience and guarantee their satisfaction. This is why we are superior that other companies that offer similar products.