If you are a fan of airsoft and have all your own equipment, this section is for you.

Welcome to one of the best theme parks in the world. The realism of our decoration and its design will not leave you indifferent. It is not a closed space of CQB but neither a giant field to make MILSIM. It has a little of both in a more than studied proportion.

Unlike other playing fields, an existing installation hasn’t been used to create a playing field. Instead, the position of every building, each barrier, each vehicle and each tree, as well as their heights, has been designed from scratch with a 3D computer program. This was created in order for the game to be more dynamic so the players need to move all the time in its more than 10.000 square meters. Realism and details level is unique.

You can play all games you want. Every game last 10 minutes where you can enjoy different kind of missions. Our monitors check that every player follow the rules and those who don’t are expelled.

In order to benefit of the amateur fares you have to bring all your equipment:

  • FULL UNIFORM: Military uniform, trousers and jacket (if possible vest, boots and military accessories to gain realism). Jeans, sport shorts or any shirt no military colour are not allowed. We take care of the appearance and the sensations of the clients that’s why we don’t allow clothes that are not suitable. As the possibilities of military clothing are very varied, and there are infinite combinations, camouflages, accessories, colors, shapes and textures, it will be the monitors’ discretion to decide which clothing is adequate to allow it on the playing field, and they will be the ones who have the last word at your discretion.
  • APPROVED FACIAL PROTECTIONS: Eye protection with C.E. Antiimpact mark and dental protection or complete mask. Children under 16 years: full face protection (mask).
  • OWN REPLICA: Replicas will be subjected upon arrival at the park to a FPS measurement. If any replica exceeds the maximum allowed it can’t be used in Hangar 37.

If you lack some equipment like batteries, balls or gas don’t worry. In our AIRSOFT STORE we have everything you may need.

The playing environment and some rules in Hangar37 may be different from what you see in illegal fields or games. Manipulated or loaded replicas with excessive power are not allowed. We have referees that will take care for the good playing environment. If you are a conflictive, cheater or aggressive player this is not your place and you will be kindly invited to leave the premises.
It is not allowed to carry replicas out of their sheaths in the common areas. In case they are out of their sheaths must have the safety catch on, the charger removed and the cap in the muzzle.

If you really enjoyed the park and we like your behaviour, you have the choice to become a member, belong to our club and benefit from our offers and exclusive social areas. For 50€ per month you can become a MEMBER and play every day that we are open and for 15€ extra you can be a VIP MEMBER and also have your own box office next to the changing rooms for you to leave all your stuff.

Allowed Replicas and equipment:

Choice Shooter ❌
Assault Power Sharpshooter ✔️
LMG’s (Light Machine Guns ) ❌
Snipers: mandatory scope and secondary weapon (rifle, shotgun or pistol)
Shields ❌
Thunder Grenades ❌
Zonax Grenades (blank balls) ❌
Pyrotechnics ❌
Kymera, tornado, burstXL Grenades ✔️ (gas or balls)
Metal training knives ❌
Rubber Knives/Axes ✔️
Stations ❌


Sniper: up to 0.45g allowed in Spain.
Assault and pistol: 0.28g max.
Balls from 0.20g (low quality yellow balls not allowed due to low grammage).