We have implemented several measures to ensure that our theme park offers all guarantees against possible contagion.

As it is an outdoor activity, in a sunny area, with very large facilities, we have the best conditions to fight the infections.

Rental masks are cleaned one by one with a vaporized disinfectant solution at elevated temperatures every day. The masks are numbered and are not transferable. Therefore they are not shared at any time during the day.

Rental replicas are also disinfected on a daily basis, so all customers receive their disinfected weapon, which is numbered and is not shared with other players throughout the day either.

The rental masks themselves partially cover the eyes and nose and mouth, providing additional protection against direct contagion between players.

<-5m-> The distance between players on the field of play is 5 meters to shoot, making it an activity that does not require physical contact, reducing the chances of contagion.

The rental uniforms have always been delivered washed, but because locker rooms or lockers cannot be used, we have opted for a simple and hygienic system. Upon arrival, clean and disinfected wets in striking colors (green and red) will be delivered that can be placed on the client’s clothing to distinguish the two teams.

We are taking the temperature to the clients before entering the park.

Several hydrogel dispensers have been placed in the most important areas of the Theme Park.

Signs have been placed on walls and floors to ensure a minimum distance of 2 meters between clients.

A stained glass has been placed in the reception.

There are more separate chairs and tables in social areas to ensure distance between clients.

We have enabled a new area for fans with direct access to the playing field to avoid congestion or queues at the armorer or entrance to the field.

All bathroom surfaces and common areas are disinfected daily.

Capacity has been limited and an online reservation system has been implemented to secure places.

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Very good measures have been taken, but we also need your collaboration, follow the indications of our monitors. They will be ensuring at all times that hygiene measures are followed. Let's be responsible and respectful with other customers so that our effort is worth it.