Paintball is an exciting sport but in Hangar 37 we have decided to replace it with AIRSOFT for the following reasons:

1- The airsoft ammo is smaller and lighter than in paintball. Because of this, the ball reaches farther, more accurately and the impact is softer so it hurt much less than in paintball.

2- The airsfot ball is cheaper so we can give you more ammo at a better price than in paintball. You start the game with 350 balls instead of 100. Recharges are cheaper too (2€ for a 120 ball charger and 5€ for a 350 like in the beginning of the game).

3- The airsoft ball doesn´t stain so we can keep our set clean.

4- We avoid dangers since the airsoft ammo doesn´t produce large bruises like in paintball. Impacts are more superficial and our replicas haven´t compressed air.

We asked customers after the experience. Most of them prefer airsoft over paintball. Those who prefer paintball is because of the paint evidence once you are hit and eliminated. In Hangar 37 we supply this lack of paint with honesty, one of the many values we promote. We make short games so you don´t mind waiting a little while once you are eliminated.