The safety of the park is very important for us so we follow protocols to guarantee it. Our facilities comply with the most rigorous regulations. We have passed audits by specialized companies that have authorized us to work with the most important and demanding Tour Operators and agencies.

The activity of the park is not dangerous but a series of simple recommendations need to be followed. The only existing risk disappears while using the eye protection and we include it in the rental equipment. Our monitors take care in every game to ensure that no player can remove the mask.

Rental replicas have a maximum power of 1,14 Joules, to ensure the impacts not to hurt. Replicas brought by particular players are subjected to a maximum power test. Those who exceed that limit can´t be used in Hangar 37.

There are some recommendations for the players to follow and help improve safety:

  • Listen and heed the recommendations of the monitors.
  • Once you enter the field, keep the rented mask or approved safety glasses on.
  • Never shoot balls intentionally above the net or the crystals perimeter of the field.
  • Pay attention not to trip over the obstacles of the set and especially avoid knocking on the top of the head against low ceiling or the decoration.
  • If you have your own replica, remove the loader and fire the ball of the chamber before leaving the field.
  • Out of the field, leave the safety catch, remove the charger and put the cap in the muzzle. For gas pistols, remove charger once you leave the field.
  • Keep replicas away from the reach of children or without adult’s supervision.
  • You cannot bring the replicas up to the cafeteria area or put them on top of the tables while eating.